Thermoremovable Interlining - Easy Cleaning

An evolution in terms of Non-Woven interlining, the Lola thermoremovable film was developed to make embroidery easy: bringing up an interlining without wrinkles, flexible to handle, easy-to-clean and mainly,  reducing costs.

Reference Dimension Weight Composition
LF-05 1,5m x 100m 6,700kg 100% Polyethylene

MAGIC FILM INSTRUCTIONS - Preparing the piece for embroidering:
1. Distribute  the cut pieces of magic film on the  embroidering table;
2. Place the piece of fabric on top of the magic film;
3. Start embroidering;
4. Embroidering done, still with the magic film on.

MAGIC FILM - Taking the waste off
Place 10 sheets of the magic film on the pressing/warm table, under 284°F, and let them melt.
Place the embroidered piece with the magic film facing down.
Slide a roll on the top side of the piece, pressing down for 4 to 8 seconds.
Fantastic! Take the embroidered fabric out of the machine, fully clean, with no waste on it.

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