Thermofixing Film - Hotmelt

Lola Thermofixing Film, also known as hotmelt film, is used to fix patches to garments in general.
Due to its high potential of fixing, after the parches are fixed, they get very resistant on different types of fabrics, sandals and other surfaces, allowing a large number of washing cycles. 
The applying procedure may be done by transfer machine, thermal pressing machine or even through regular ironing.

Reference Dimension Weight Composition
TC-10 0,48cm x 100m 7,500kg 100% Polyamide Glue

1- Place the patch on the pressing machine faced down.
2- Place the film with the patch faced down. Press it to 257/293° F, during 5 to 8 seconds.
3- Peel off the protection sheet of the film and take the patch out of the film.

Place the patch and the fabric with the adhesive part faced down. Press it to a 284°/320° for about 8/12 seconds.

Ready! The patch is fixed to the garment.

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